8.13.18 – Ducks, Music, and Camp Quality USA – Conroe Culture News

Conroe Culture
Conroe Culture
8.13.18 - Ducks, Music, and Camp Quality USA - Conroe Culture News

It’s time for the Annual Crisis Assistance Center Duck Race! Saturday, August 25 6:30-8:30 at the Rob Fleming Aquatic Center. Adopt a Duck and help residents in our community with food, clothing, rental/mortgage/utility assistance, school supplies, and the opportunity to be self-sufficient.

Ian Ramirez and David Weygandt are professional singers by choice and operate independent businesses by day. They were tasked with creating a sing off duet.

Ian is the General Manager of Madera Estates Wedding and Events.

David is an attorney providing financial security and prosperity for your loved ones, or for a business you can count on.

Sheri Scott, Camp Quality USA speaking about their Aug 25 event at Lone Star Convention Center- 6th Annual CPRA Rodeo

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