7.24.17 – Lone Star Life in Montgomery County! – Conroe Culture

Conroe Culture
Conroe Culture
7.24.17 - Lone Star Life in Montgomery County! - Conroe Culture

Christian Youth Theatre (CYT) was started in 1980 to educate youth about theatre. The fall show will be Tarzan performed in November at the Crighton Theatre. Christian Community Theatre involves both the youth and adults and is a great way for families to perform together. Fiddler on the Roof will be at the Crighton in August.

Kimberly Sutton, the Roving Reporter Of Montgomery County, has a coffee table style photo book of Montgomery county coming out soon. This is a beautiful, four-color, hardback book that is a promotional tool to promote Montgomery county as a wonderful place to live and work with photos from places around the county.

Conroe Exchange Club is a new civic organization with a mission of “Unity for Service” by helping others, business development, friendship, networking, while working together for the greater CONROE community. Exchange’s Program of Service is divided into four pillars: Americanism, Community Service, Youth, and Child Abuse Prevention, as the national program. These activities have been carefully designed to meet the needs of our communities as well as to preserve and strengthen the principles that make our nation great
stevewells47@comcast.net or call (281) 705-8746 to get involved.


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