7.23.18 – Springwood Marketing & From Soup to Nuts – The Weekly Business Hour

The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler
The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler
7.23.18 - Springwood Marketing & From Soup to Nuts - The Weekly Business Hour

On this week’s episode of The Weekly Business Hour we featured the start of a conversation with Ashley Easterwood, the founder/owner of Springwood Marketing, about Digital Marketing.

Ashley will led us in a conversation on digital marketing entitled, “From Soup to Nuts – all the small business needs to know about digital marketing”. Her discussion will take place in 3-parts starting with our show on Monday July 23rd. In the first segment we will learn about the latest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Questions such as how valuable is SEO and should my business spend time and money on AdWords to capture potential customers will be answered.

In our “Did You Know” segment today we talked about LOW UNEMPLOYMENT NUMBERS – ARE THEY HURTING YOUR BUSINESS? Near-record-low unemployment of about 4% is driving up wage bills and leaving some companies short of workers, holding back production. The worker shortage threatens an upturn in business that is in its sixth month, measured by industrial output. Previous cycles have typically lasted about four years. What is your company doing to deal with the labor shortage?

Our show closed with Rick’s 1bestconsult Tip of the Week, “Why Papa Johns Pizza and its Founder Split Up?” Many times a business founder has a hard time with leaving “his/her baby” and the recent story of Papa John’s Pizza shows what can happen when you stay too long. How to avoid the trap of turning your winner into a loser.

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