6.5.23 – Golfers Against Cancer – Conroe Culture News

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6.5.23 – Golfers Against Cancer – Conroe Culture News

6.5.23 – Golfers Against Cancer – Conroe Culture News

Join Golfers Against Cancer on Monday, August 7, 2023 for a fun day of golf as we proudly support Golfers Against Cancer (GAC)! Walden on Lake Conroe Golf Club is honored to host the 20th Annual Walden GAC Golf Tournament to raise funds in support of Golfers Against Cancer!



Today’s Show Guests:

*Hoffie Ferreira— Director Of Food And Beverage Walden Yacht Club https://www.facebook.com/…/Walden-Yacht-Club-on-Lake…/


*Carrie Ranney—Golfers Against Cancer/Rinkers Boat World



*Todd Kiefer—Owner of U “Scene” It! Event Props & Rentals


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