6.28.17 – Quarter Number 3 – Jake from Sports Talk

Jake From Sports Talk
Jake From Sports Talk
6.28.17 - Quarter Number 3 - Jake from Sports Talk

Time to tip of for the third quarter and the third episode of Jake From Sports Talk on Lone Star Community Radio’s 104.5/106.1 and worldwide on irlonestar.com. Today we roughen up Phil Jackson and his greedy nature, T-up the Knicks and Cavalier’s terrible front offices, and back down Paul George’s decision to be. Join in on the live action through FaceBook @JakeFromSportsTalk or send me an email at JacobLafleur1993@gmail.com and tell me what you thought about my opinion’s on the NBA draft, what we can really expect from Lonzo Ball, and whether Chris Paul and Paul George are enough to take down the Warrior’s in the Western Conference. We also talk a little John McEnroe and his comments about Serena Williams, and tune in so you can learn just what is the Khaki Curse and why the Astro’s fans hope it isn’t real. Don’t forget to tune in next week and listen live, interact with me over FaceBook, and try to stump me on live radio!