5.24.21 – Inaugural Bear Crawl – Conroe Culture News

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5.24.21 - Inaugural Bear Crawl - Conroe Culture News
5.24.21 – Inaugural Bear Crawl – Conroe Culture News
The mission of Bears, ETC is to establish a Bear and Exotic Animal Rescue Sanctuary in Montgomery County, connecting people with nature through education and awareness. The hope is to build the nation’s first state of the art Bear Sanctuary, providing a safe place for neglected, abused, and unwanted bears, that are a part of the exotic pet trade. The sanctuary would provide a permanent refuge for displaced, captive-raised exotic animals kept as “pets” or retired from performance.
The Inaugural Bear Crawl, is Saturday, May 29, and Sunday May 30 from noon-6:00pm with some of the best Wine, Beer, and Whiskey tasting in the County!
Enjoy tasting the spirits from eight local venues-Whitley Vineyards (Montgomery), Blue Epiphany (Conroe), The Ferm Meadery (Conroe), Southern Star Brewery (Conroe), Frankenboltzzzz Brewing Company (Montgomery), B-52 Brewery (Conroe), Bartlett’s Distillery (Conroe), and H-Wines (Montgomery).
Purchase tickets online via the Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Bearetc (http://bit.ly/3tzlhTt), the website: http://www.bearsetc.org/events.html or visit one of the participating venues during the event to register. Tickets are $50 per person and each participant will receive a souvenir glass, passport, and wristband to start their 2 tastings at any location. (Sunday only for Whitley Vineyards and Sat. only for Bartlett’s Distillery).
*Kati Krouse, Executive Director of Bears Etc.
*Van Brackin, owner/engineer Bartlett’s Distillery
* Monique Crawford, VP Public Relations, Frankenboltzzzz Brewing Company
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