3.21.22 – Community Nonprofits-Big Love Cancer Care and Spring Creek Blue Star Mothers

First Segment:
B.I.G. Love Cancer Care with Melody Chander, Development Director.
B.I.G. Love Cancer Care’s core mission is to meet the most vital and urgent physical, emotional, and financial needs of pediatric oncology and hematology patients and their families at six Texas hospitals and five outpatient clinics.
Second Segment:
Spring Creek Blue Star Mothers
Heather Herlong -President
1st VP Cara Johnson
Financial Secretary- Christine Hofmann
Learn about the Congressional Chartered, Non-Profit Organization [501(c)3] Supporting All Branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, Active-Duty Service Members, Military Families, Families of the Fallen, VA’s, Patriotic Events & Community.
Spring Creek Area Blue Star Mothers provides support for active duty service personnel, promotes patriotism, assists Veterans organizations, and is available to assist in homeland volunteer efforts to help our country remain strong.
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