3.14.18 – March Madness – Jake From Sports Talk

3.14.18 – March Madness – Jake From Sports Talk

Hey guys, and thanks for tuning into another episode of Jake From Sports Talk. Today I give you my take of the NCAA March Madness Bracket; who to take, who to stay away from, and, everyone’s favorites, the potential Cinderellas of the tournament. We also talk Tiger Woods being back and some NFL free agency! Don’t forget that you can catch the show live every Wednesday from 1 to 2 PM on irlonestar.com and on Conroe’s FM 104.5 and 106.1. You can also get involved with the show through Facebook @ JakeFromSportsTalk or through email at JakeFromSportsTalk@gmail.com. Hope to have you all tuning in next Wednesday, but till then keep the Khaki game strong and Sports ON!!!
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