3.12.18 – Bob Bamburg – The Weekly Business Hour

The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler
The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler
3.12.18 - Bob Bamburg - The Weekly Business Hour

Rick will introduce a new tool or website where small business owners can find a great deal of ready to use information to assist them in building their businesses’. www.1BestConsult.com has been designed as an extension of The Weekly Business Hour as a source of “Common Sense Experience” driven small business information.

Bob Bamburg, Author-Speaker-Personal Cyber Security Instructor and Chief Technology Officer at Lone Star Network Communications joins us in the Expert Corner. Bob will talk about the vulnerability of your password to cyber theft. If you have a weak password, it is like giving the thieves a key to your business.

Rick closes out the show with his 1BestCosult.com Tip of the Week: “Oh No, I have to Hire!” The first hire is by far the hardest, but after that if you develop a focused process it gets much easier. Our businesses’ most important asset, our people, requires more attention than many business owners give it.

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Rick Schissler on Facebook: www.facebook.com/1bestconsult

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