02.26.18 – TWBH with Sean Thomson & Alan Stroud

The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler
The Weekly Business Hour with Rick Schissler
02.26.18 - TWBH with Sean Thomson & Alan Stroud

Sean Thompson, founder of c3 (Creative Content Creations) joined us to share his how went from being unemployed to starting his own business within the same 24 hours. He talks about how to make it passed the 1-year milestone of being in business; with the next step being how to prepare your business for the next year. Listen to how Sean built Creative Content Creations or c3 into a growing successful new business. Alan Stroud, Partner in Beck & Associates, LLC and a member of our Business Expert Roundtable joins us in the Expert Corner. Alan will give us our first look at the Tax Reform Act of 2018 and its anticipated impact on small businesses. Rick continued his focus on technology and its place in small businesses with his 1bestcosult Tip of the Week, “Finding The Right Technical Advice” What is the right way to integrated technology into your business? Technology is always changing making it difficult for the small business owner to determine what is right for their business. Rick attempts to provide guidelines on how to successfully integrate the technology you need into your business.

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