10.30.17 – Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun! – MWLS

Dick and Skippy in the Morning
Dick and Skippy in the Morning
10.30.17 - Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun! - MWLS

It’s TWO hours of talk (well, 90 minutes; Dick got stuck in traffic) as we present our revamped Mornings With Lone Star With Dick and Skippy. This morning, we realize that the Astros played a game last night, the Texans might soon be looking for new jobs, the Russia investigation is investigating everything BUT the Russians, and Kevin Spacey might be a perv. On a brighter note, we have a special guest in the studio: Katie Krause with Bears Etc, an organization designed to rescue bears who have been bought as exotic pets and outgrew their novelty. Katie lures Skippy and Engineer Jake to this weekend’s Bears & Beers fundraiser with the promise of sliders made with all different kinds of meat. For more information, visit www.bearsetc.org.


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