10.23.17 – Communication, Bears, and Golf! – Conroe Culture

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10.23.17 - Communication, Bears, and Golf! - Conroe Culture

Victoria Endsley is the Public Information Officer for the City of Conroe. Lone Star Community Radio has partnered with Conroe to offer emergency broadcasting during emergencies. Although we never knew how soon the collaboration would need to be put into effect! Check out the partnership, events, and other information to be updated on the website.

Kati Krouse is passionate about obtaining an animal sanctuary for exotic species as well as BEARS! Yes, bears. Bears, etc is a non profit organization devoted to obtaining a self-sustainable refuge for displaced exotic/wild animals and to offer an educational outreach about the natural world. Get connected with their upcoming event on Nov. 11 at Blackwood Gun Club.

Have you heard of Swing Zone Golf? John Reno was the final guest with information on the he premiere indoor golf facility in Tomball, TX! The simulators use the most advanced and accurate golf simulation technology in the world to provide all manner of terrain, hitting surfaces and more. Play golf on over 160 world famous golf courses from around the world, and improve your game by utilizing the app for sophisticated swing analysis for each game.