Welcome to MORNINGS WITH LONE STAR WITH DICK AND SKIPPY. Weekday mornings, Richard “Dick” Schissler IV and Sean K. “Skippy” Thompson bring you two hours of THE NITTY GRITTY: talk radio with the occasional musical palate-cleanser.

From 9 to 11 each Monday through Friday, the dynamic duo bring fresh perspectives to tons of topics ripped from the morning headlines and current trends throughout the county, state, country, and world. At the top of bottom of each hour, they jack up the morning a little more with music breaks from the station’s expanded song library. Plus, special guests from all over the community get to phone in or pop by the studio. Get invovled with MWLS by calling in at our message line, 936-647-3776 or message the guys on facebook @MWlonestar

With equal healthy doses of humor and commentary, Dick and Skippy will make you laugh, make you think, but will never make you bored.

Contact Dick! dick@irlonestar.com or call in and leave a message at 936-647-3776

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