Sunday – Thursday from 7PM to 10PM

Like your music a little salty? Join us Monday and Thursday at 7pm on Conroe’s 106.1/104.5 (online at as we enjoy Americana, Roots, and all the music that makes this part of the country special. We don’t so much preserve the rich traditions that are Texas music but rather simply enjoy them. We put on some Honky Tonk, Western Swing. Texas Blues, Outlaw Country, Cajun, Zydeco, Swamp Pop, Tejano and a pinch of Red Dirt and smoke it over a slow fire then listen to the results on Monday and Thursday nights. You might not know that the origins of all these genres of music are no more than a couple of hours drive of here. This part of Texas has a rich, unique and colorful musical history. So grab the headphones, throw down some sawdust and crank it up so the neighbors know what they’re missing.

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