8.26.22 – Robert Banney from Conroe Bass – Texas Ticket

8.26.22 – Robert Banney from Conroebass – Texas Ticket

PUNCH YOUR TICKET on the SHOW this Friday!!

Robert Banney from Conroe Bass.com joins the Texas Ticket

Robert tells us about his Texan ways and shares enough of that you just

MAY get some on ya! Certainly enough to get a PUNCH on that TICKET!

They are fishing for Cash and Prizes every Tuesday and Thursday at April Plaza Marina. The Conroe Bass event is also a part of the weight qualifier for the “BIG ONE” in October. Learn all about that right here.

Catch the “PUNCH YOUR TICKET” segment on the Texas Ticket show with a bit about town, we discuss the events and happenings. Brought to you this week by our friends at Forthright Roofing and Restorations

Robert Banney


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