7.22.22 – Texas Ticket

7.22.22 – Texas Ticket Go Lake Conroe Montgomery County Texas Jul 21, 2022, 8:40 AM (1 day ago) to me THIS WEEK ON THE TEXAS TICKET show, Conroe Tx Aliyah Pequeno BOXING SUPER FLY! 3/0/0 Stays on top during last week’s FIGHT NIGHT Galveston Texas. She visits the Texas Ticket Show with manager JIMMY Rubio God’s Of Boxing Gym Magnolia Texas to tell us what’s on her mind! Meet Zak Galindo of Galindo’s, Corey Reaves of Reaves Realty Group, Golfers Against Cancer, Innovative Turf Design, AND so much more THIS WEEK ON THE TEXAS TICKET SHOW We are gonna ready up to ENJOY an AMAZING SHOW with Jeff Canada, Payton Howie and Brett Axelson support our neighbors and friends July 22nd and 23rd at the Breakwater Grille in Walden also the Golfers Against Cancer group here in Walden talking about Aug 1st and of COURSE please visit Mrs. Connie on Saturday, July 23rd at the Breakwater Grille from 5pm to 9pm. She’s one of those individuals that make the Walden community phenomenal. Please join us and support the silent auction with her family and loved ones. We love you Ms. Connie Sturrock Whittenton Much love to the organizers working to help so many everyday, Hoffie Ferreira and Jodi Lynn Christie of Walden Lake View Dining and Venue

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