6.17.22 – Fathers Day Special – Texas Ticket

6.17.22 – Fathers Day Special – Texas Ticket

Texas Ticket is a Father ran and operated Show and is PROUD to HONOR the DAD in your Home and or Heart. Join Us for our Fathers Day events update and how to get your Texas Ticket Punched for July 4th 2022! Never truly gone and always part of us, let’s share a MONTAGE full of LOVE for Tha Dads. Lake Conroe 2022 Karaoke Competition at the Walden Yacht Club, Lake Conroe winner Drew Kandt joins the show! Here Drew sing a ditty, there and here! Our Fathers Day Montage for DADS everywhere Here is our Fathers Day DAD MADE episode. We hope you enjoy the show. fyi- All the dad jokes are slightly used!

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