Our Guest Today:
Montgomery County Womans Center
Mrs. Siomara Rodriguez
Director of Community Outreach
Mrs. Linda Quiroz
Manager of Community Outreach

To Contact MCWC:
In Case of Any Emergency Please Dial 911
HOTLINE: 936-441-7273
Website: www.mcwctx.org
Tel: 936-441-4044
Nuestras Invitadas Hoy
Centro De Mujeres De Montgomery
Mrs. Siomara Rodriguez
Directora de Asistencia Comunitaria
Mrs. Linda Quiroz
Manager de Asistencia Comunitaria

Para Contactar MCWC:
En Caso De Emergencia llame al 911
LINEA DE AYUDA: 936-441-7273
Website: www.mcwctx.org
Tel: 936-441-4044


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