5.13.22 – “The Submission and The Serenade ” – Texas Ticket

5.13.22 – “The Submission and The Serenade ” – Texas Ticket

Armando & Hoffie visit with MMA, UFC Fighter Curry Gaut of Agon Jiu Jitsu who tells us all about the MMA UFC lifestyle. Also we have the pleasure of Hosting and Judging the upcoming “Lake Conroe‘s Got Talent 2022 Event” and joining us on the judges table is musical teacher and singer songwriting trainer owner of DM Music Studios and gateway to the STARS, Dustin McCulloch. Who gives us a bit on how to get your music to the next step and his excitement about the upcoming KARAOKE Local Vocals Amature singing competition and HIS never ending QUEST to find music Talent. He also is sponsor of one of the top prizes, 3 months voice training lessons in a studio.

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