4.8.22 – Grandiose Designs – Texas Ticket

TexasTicket presents “Grandiose Designs” April 8th Texas Ticket Episode 3

Hosts Armando Nino & Co-Host Hoffie Ferreira

Guests for today’s show

Grand Central Park by Johnson Development joins the show to share everything about the much anticipated upcoming Jazz Fest, April 3oth Smooth Jazz come as you are atmosphere outdoor concert and Cajun Food! Amanda & Bernard share the details!

Montgomery County Fair Association BBQ Cook Off 2022 Overall Grand Champions Hogs & Kisses Captain Michael Valdez

Shares the Teams origins story shares about his part in the days that led to 2022 Overall Grand Champions.

Hogs & KISSES- https://www.facebook.com/HogsandKisses2022

Get your JAZZ FEST tickets here –https://www.grandcentralparktx.com/jazz_fest

Texas Ticket April Appreciation Giveaway information and registration https://www.facebook.com/TXTicket


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