4.5.22 – John Hernandez & Keath Krueger – The Bridge Podcast TX

4.5.22 – John Hernandez & Keath Krueger – The Bridge Podcast TX

John is a native Conroe citizen and a strong work ethic is a staple in his family culture. He is the owner of H Wheel and Tire on Frazier St. John’s faith and his family have been the anchors in his life and this episode reveals his passion and his heart for the growth of our great city. He has a vision for beautification and the support of small locally-owned businesses in the area.

H-Wheel & Tire, Inc

Keith is, and has always been, an entrepreneur at heart. He is the proud owner of Branding Iron Custom Goods and 202 Main in Downtown Conroe. Keath discusses what he loves most about Conroe and how tight-knit the community has become. He discusses some of the best kept secrets of downtown commerce and his desire to support the growth of locally owned businesses downtown. He also has ideas for rectifying some of the parking challenges.



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