Episode 4 – Curt Maddux & Scott Harper – The Bridge Podcast TX

Episode 4 – Curt Maddux & Scott Harper – The Bridge Podcast TX

Curt Maddux
Curt is a Conroe native and the Vice President of Conroe Golf Cars. He currently holds a seat on the Conroe City Council and shares his enthusiasm for the future of our city. Curt discusses a tragedy in his family and how he began working at CGC. He is passionate about Conroe’s growth and the good-hearted people of this community. Curt also shares his allegiance to Conroe athletics and has a special challenge for the Varsity Baseball Coach.
Scott Harper
Scott is the President of the Conroe Chamber of Commerce. He has a long history as Director of the YMCA and has a long history of building strong teams who serve the community. Scott gives us a peek behind the curtain of exciting new projects for the Chamber and ways it benefits local businesses. He is a proponent of community and of facilitating strong networks within our city. Scott discusses training, vision and leadership as it relates to his role with the Chamber.

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