3.22.22 – Episode 3 – The Bridge Podcast TX

3.22.22 – Episode 3 – The Bridge Podcast TX

Brandon Polk is the owner of +40 Fitness in Conroe.  He has a background in Kinesiology and wellness and was able to purchase the company 5 years ago.  He has a new location and is very proud of having the cleanest gym in town.  He is also passionate about the private sessions he is able to provide his clients which gives them the comfort and security they need to stay focused on the workout and their overall commitment to their wellness.  He plans to expand in the next few years and also encourages all ages to come see their facility and experience their services.

Our second guest is Brian Hayes, the Executive Director of the Montgomery County Fair Association.  Brian has been with MCFA since 2020 and discusses this year’s fair that begins this week.  He is extremely passionate about the work they do and the investment they make in the next generation through various scholarships and donations.  Brian discusses the importance of his team and all the volunteers and that we might see some changes to the venue this year.  Brian tells us his favorite fair food and quite possibly a new competition they might plan to implement next year.  Watch the entire episode and hear how you might be able to save money with admission and ways you can contribute as a volunteer.

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