Episode 2 – Teak Daniele, Todd Yancey, Mark Earnest – The Bridge Podcast TX

Episode 2 – Teak Daniele, Todd Yancey, Mark Earnest – The Bridge Podcast TX

Teak Daniele

Teak has extensive experience in the restaurant industry and has been with Pacific Yard House for years. It was interesting to hear his perspective on living in Conroe, after being in Florida and Arkansas most of his life. He fills us in on some exciting new menu items at PYH and how they strategically market their entertainment and music variety.


Todd Yancey

Todd owned Yancey Concrete for over 40 years and has been an influential member of the Conroe community all his life. Recently, they were bought by SRM concrete and he still works in operations leadership there. Todd is a member of City Council and has a great vision for Conroe’s growth potential. He discusses his passion for the future and gives an interesting faith perspective that will inspire our audience.



Mark Earnest

Mark and his family started Copperhead Brewery in Conroe several years ago and have provided amazing products and customer service to our community. Mark discusses the challenges of working with distributors and the effects of COVID on their business for the last two years. He is proud of his work to expand their tap room, which he built with his own hands. Mark has a great down-to-earth perspective as a native Californian but long-time Texan.



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