Right before our Primaries Elections, Voces En Accion/Voices in Action is interviewing candidates, so our Hispanic Community is able to make a wise decision on the election day.

Our Guest on today’s Show:
Judge Mark J. Keough, Incumbent and Candidate for Montgomery County Judge
To Contact Judge Keough:
Email: mark@keough4texas.com
Website: www.keough4texas.com

Justo antes de las eleciones primarias, Voces En Accion/Voices In Action les brinda entrevistas con candidatos politicos, para que la comunidad Hispana pueda hacer una decision clara en el dia de las eleciones.

Nuestro Invitado en el Show de Hoy:
Juez Mark J. Keough, Titular y Candidato a Juez del Condado de Montgomery
Para Contactar al Juez Keough:
Email: mark@keough4texas.com
Website: www.keough4texas.com

More Info on Voices in Action/Voces En Accion
Website: https://irlonestar.com/vea
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VEAACCION01
Email: vea1@email.com

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