January 29th, 2016 – The Extension Hour – Better Living for Texans

The Extension Hour - Every Friday at 1PM!

Yvonne Welther, Montgomery County’s Better Living for Texans extension assistant, talks about what we can do to secure our food that are stored in the pantry. Invited special guest was, Jinny Mata, owner of Pestmasters Pest Control. Pests can compromise the safety of our food supply at home, and can be a potential health hazard when they do invade our homes and food supply. Throwing away foods that have been affected by infestation is throwing away money! Preventing a pest infestation by modifying the pests habitat, food source availability, and water source, can help us be better in control of the situation. Listeners can be more knowledgeable of what steps we need to take to manage an infestation, or prevention of one more effectively.

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