There are several areas we display information about your show on We need the following information to best promote and inform visitors about your show. Please submit the following information but one email or one document in .PDF/.WORD. For photos, please submit those in .jpg format. Please email the information to with the subject line : Lone Star Community Radio Checklist – Website

  1. About Your Show

    1. 3 to 7 sentences – This is just the basics of the show. Include call-to-actions, contact information and air time of your show

  2. Sponsor Page Info

    1. 3 to 7 sentences – This information should be an “elevator pitch” of your show. Include information on WHY would you want to sponsor you show.

  3. Bio Picture – Please submit in .jpg format

  4. Bio of yourself

    1. 3 to 7 sentences about yourself

  5. Social Media Information with links

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