Cindy Cochran has been a TV personality locally and nationally since 1971 beginning with interpreting the news for the hearing impaired on Houston’s ABC’s channel 13 morning news. In 1981 Cindy produced  ” Signing with Cindy” and it  became a national award winning series on PBS .Because of the series popularity Cindy appeared twice on “The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson”. She became Time Warner’s Executive Producer for Production and soon won the Cable’s highest award     “The ACE Award” for her Documentary, “The Walls Come Tumbling Down”. Cindy was the first recipient of the “Barbra Jordan award” for bringing  awareness and attention to the problems associated with the hearing impaired .Cindy also made the world of the hearing impaired safer by working with the Houston fire and police departments to bring instant access in case of fire or crime by installing a TTY communication service where before they had to run to a neighbor with a phone to call for an emergency.  Bringing awareness of the Hearing impaired world has been her biggest award.
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