April 15, 2021

Video- There are several key areas on Lone Star Community Radio where we use video files to market your show. Below you will find each specific Video recording we require. Each video file is labeled with its purpose along with which medium it will be played on. Each medium is different from one another, and has specific target audience. Lone Star Community Radio does offer professional recordings of your video Files. If you are interested, email the station manager, dick@irlonestar.com

Mediums on Lone Star Community Radio for Video

  1. [YOUTUBE] – These video files will be used for your YOUTUBE channel.

    1. Suggested Keywords to use in your video files for the YOUTUBE channel- 1) Subscribe to Youtube Channel 2) Check out the show LIVE on Conroe’s FM 104.5/106.1 and worldwide on irlonestar.com

  2. [TV] – These video files will be used for your show’s appearance on Our City TV. [Note: Your TV times will not be available until after your first show is submitted. This version of your audio file will be completed AFTER we know the correct air time, so all TV tagged filed are not required before the show airs)

How to Submit your Video files.

  1. File label should go as : [SHOW NAME] +[Video File Label] + [Medium File Tag]


  2. Video file needs to be in the follow format.

    1. For Youtube versions

      1. Format: H.264

      2. Resolution: 1280×720

      3. 29.97 FPS

      4. Audio: AAC at 320KPS

    2. For TV versions

      1. Format: MPEG 2

      2. Resolution: 720×480

      3. 29.97 FPS

      4. Audio: MPEG audio at 224kbps

Video Files

 Show Promo [TV]

  1. 30 seconds in length – Highlighting your show on Our City TV with time/date of show

  2.  Show Promo [YOUTUBE]

  3. 1) 30 Seconds in length – Highlighting the youtube channel and social media/contact info

    Show Intro [TV]

    1. 8 to 20 seconds – Introducing the show

      Show Intro [YOUTUBE]

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    3. 8 to 20 Seconds – Introducing the Show

       Shout Outs [YOUTUBE]

  4. 1) 15-30 seconds, 3 or more – Reminding folks to subscribe, sponsor, contact etc…

     Shout Outs [TV]

  5. 1) 15-30 seconds – Highlighting the show time, contact and social media. [NO SPONSORSHIP information]

     End of Show [YOUTUBE]

    1) 10-30 seconds – Reminding people to subscribe, check out other videos, and contact/social media information. Also include your LIVE air time on the radio

    End of Show [TV]

    1. 10-30 seconds – Reminding people of air time, contact information and when your show is on LIVE on the radio.

Check out other parts of the checklist below