I have spent my life learning and experiencing business. At a young age I worked after school and during the summers in a family-owned business. After graduating from college with a degree in real estate/finance I returned to the family business. I utilized my experience and education to help expand the family business into other industries. At the sametime I obtained a law degree which not only helped me understand the legal aspects of business but to approach all business decisions in a more logical and organized manner. The sale of the business units I oversaw at the age of 30 allowed me strike out on my own. Over the course of 20+ years I bought or started, built and sold a number of businesses in several fields.

Today I utilize my 40+ years of hands-on business experience to help my clients build stronger, growing businesses for themselves and their families. I also bring a unique perspective to family businesses as I have worked and been an owner with family in a number of my business ventures.

As a Silver Fox Advisor, www.silverfox.org, I have an entire group of well-seasoned former business owners and executives available to my clients to assist them in solving various business challenges. My clients also benefit from the extensive training and network that the Silver Fox Advisors provides me.

The Weekly Business Hour provides me with the opportunity to share my experience and the experiences of my guest with the general business public. The mission of our show is to educate and challenge the business community, especially entrepreneurs and small business owners to build the best business they can for themselves and their families.

Don’t miss Rick on The Weekly Business Hour every Monday from 11AM to 12PM!

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